La Harvest copiii sunt bine ingrijiti

Your children are safe at Harvest

The physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of your children is of utmost importance.

Harvest Kids - Lucrarea cu copiii la Harvest Arad

At Harvest we believe that God is relevant for our children, that He has a plan even for them, and that God gave us the responsibility to help them get to know Him. Just as God is our Father and He teaches us, so we must teach our children to walk with God and seek after Him.

During Harvest Kids groups, the children take part in various activities. They play games, learn, sing, but most importantly is the fact that at Harvest, children hear the Word of God in a way that they can understand, from people that are specially trained to work with children.

Safety first

These are a few reasons that children are safe here, and that you can rest assured.

Evaluare temeinica

All those involved are thoroughly evaluated, being recommended by the elders and others from the church.

Instruire periodica

All teachers and assistants go through initial and periodical training with regards to safety procedures.


All Harvest Kids rooms are equipped and secured according to the particular age group they are destined for.

Children can be retrieved only with the card that you receive when you sign them up at the reception.

Grija la mancare si alergii

We pay attention to the allergies that children may have, and the only snack that we do serve consists of fruits.

Each child is different, and so our approach is different depending on the needs and personalities of each.

What to do

If you are here for the first time, please follow the steps below.


Sign your children up at the reception. You will get a card, which you will need when you come pick them up. After church, please return the card to the person in charge of that age group.


Fill out the general informations form about the child and don’t forget to mention if there are any particular details that we should know about, such as food allergies or special needs.


Drop off your child at the age group designated at the reception, after which you can go to the worship hall. Your child is in good hands, and if we should need you, a circle will appear on the screens in the auditorium, featuring your card’s number and color.

Harvest Arad - Lucrarea cu copiii
Grupele Harvest Kids
Lucrarea cu copiii la Harvest Arad

Age groups

We have a total of five age groups where we plan activities that they can take part in

0-2 years
2-4 years
4-6 years
6-9 years
9-12 years
Harvest Kids
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Are you free this weekend?

You're welcome each Sunday from 9AM or 11:30AM (identical services in form and content)

We do not offer means of transportation to the church.