Baptism at Harvest!

Baptism at Harvest!

13 May, 2018
16:00 - 19:00


It’s amazing to see how Jesus changes lives even today! And this is something normal because He is not just a fad, but a living God who changes lives.

Soon we will celebrate the decisions of some people of different ages, different social statuses and coming from different religions. These are people who, when the have met the true Christ, have experienced being born again and radical change of perspective from living for yourself to living for God. Following their faith and repentance, as Scripture urges us, they want to obey Christ’s command and identify with Him and His way through the act of baptism, now that they understand and can make a conscious decision.

Come and celebrate with us on Sunday, May 13 at Domeniul Lupas (after Zimandul Nou on the left). This is the fruit of His suffering!