A night of testimonies

01 April, 2018

God is changing lives today. Tonight, April 1st at 5PM, you are invited to celebrate together with 6 people who will share how God changed their lives and gave them the promise of a future with Him. If you need transport, we offer it freely from Podgoria at 4:30PM.

Daylight Savings

24 March, 2018

Tonight we’ll be switching to the summer hour, therefore 3AM will become 4AM. Even though the hour is changing and we’ll be sleeping less, we welcome you with a smile and a hot cup of coffee before either of our services.

Seniors, pay close attention

20 March, 2018

Next Sunday, March 25th, at 5PM we’ll be hosting a special service for our seniors. Anyone can attend, but the service will be prepared for the “youth” over 60.

The Word of God will be preached by a senior as well, an American pastor who spend his entire life serving God.

The road is open

26 November, 2017

The road to Vladimirescu has been reopened.

We invite you to worship with us on Sunday at 9AM or 11:30AM (identical services).

For our friends in Chicago

11 June, 2017

Our pastor Cristian Barbosu will preach in Chicago on the 15-16th of July 2017.

  • Saturday: 5:00 PM at the Harvest Bible Chapel campus in Rolling Meadows
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM Harvest Bible Chapel campus in Elgin /  11:00 AM Rolling Meadows  /  6:00 PM Betania Pentecostal Church (Luigi Miţoi)

Also, if you are a friend of our ministry and you want to be updated or to support us, Cristian will have 2 presentations at the Elgin campus on Saturday, July 15th at 7PM, and Sunday, July 16th at the Rolling Meadows campus. There will be books available, written by him, and sermon series on mp3.

Picnic has been postponed

05 June, 2017

Due to the unfavourable weather and because of the emergency that has happened, Iga’s family catching fire, right across the street from our church, let’s be there for their support.

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